woman in teal and white top outdoor

Smilez (I call him Smilez because all he has to do to pick up women is smile) tells me about a party that he knows of, and we head out. We arrive, some very talkative girl immediately approaches us and begins talking. Smilez walks off to go find a girl that goes by the name of Uggles, leaving me with Sports.

Sports hands me her very own cup for beer that she was holding for another guy (How nice of her to recognize a King when she sees one.) I talk to her for awhile, and I walk off to go find the keg. She insists on showing me where it is...

Sports: "I'm not drinking tonight, but I'll show you where it is."

Me: "OK, thanks."

I find the keg, turn around, and there she is waiting on me....

Me: "Have you seen my friend??"

Sports: "He's with Uggles."

Shit, that mother-fucker is getting laid, while I'm out here with a bunch of strangers who all know each other...

Sports: "You're tall, do you play basketball here?"

I answer and walk away, she follows...

Me: "Umm, I'm about to leave. I'll talk to you later."

Sports: "Where do you live?"

I tell her...

Sports: "I live over by that way too, I'll go with you."


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Looks like I'm stuck with her for awhile, as it is a long walk home. She tells her friends that she's leaving with me, and we walk off. I then notice her ass, and I swear, she is a white girl in a black girls body. I gotta hit that, so I begin laying down the game...

Sports: "I was a cheerleader in high school."

Me: "No you weren't. Stop lying."

Sports: "Yes uh, yes uh."

Me: "Well, I'm not going to believe you until I see evidence."

Sports: "I'll show you, I'll show you."

The topic changes...

Sports: "Guys say that I have a really great ass (and nice tits too), take a look at it!"

I insist on not looking, until I finally give in.

Me: "Yeah, it's OK, I guess."

She can't believe that I'm not praising her body, like so many guys before me have. We arrive at her place...

Sports: "Come in, I'll show you pictures of me cheerleading."

I arrive, and immediately call her pictures false. She keeps showing me more pictures...

Me: "Look, I'm an asshole, so don't take anything I say seriously."

Sports: "I love assholes!"

Finally a girl who will admit that she likes assholes instead of giving that "All I just want is a nice guy" bullshit. She gains my respect.

Sports: "I'm really into sports, are you?"

Me: "If you wanna say that."

I continue to ignore her, while dicking around on her PC.

Me: "I really gotta get going soon."

My time constraint is thrown in. For some reason, women want you even more when they know that you can leave at any moment. She's on her knees, looking me in my eyes. We pause. I look back at her PC...our eyes begin to dance. Time to make my move...

I get up...

Me: "I'm leaving."

She looks at me blankly again...I kiss her. I lay her down on her bed...take off your shirt. I need you to do that for me. I eventually escalate her up to sex, with no resistance at all...

Me: "Why is this so hard to get in?"

I know what size my dick is, but it isn't so big that only half of it goes inside...

Sports: "I'm a virgin."

From meeting a virgin, to laying her in less than an hour.

She eventually went from giving me the worse blowjob that I have ever had, to the best that I've had this year. She treated me like a King---took me out to dinner, gave me plenty of alcohol, and tried her best to quench my sexual thirst. In a sense, she spoiled me, and didn't even mention anything about a relationship. If you find a girl like her, keep her around.