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This is my new guide that has 70 pages (no filler bullshit) filled with nearly 100 fully explained routines (more if you count the variations) with examples that assholes use to pick up women. This is what the seduction community has been missing and waiting on for quite some time. Finally, there is something out there that the average guy can use. No difficult memorization and no weird hocus pocus stuff. You can be the first to use what NO ONE ELSE IN THE SEDUCTION COMMUNITY has access to yet. I practically dumped my entire assholish personality into this guide.

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For a brief moment, let's define the Asshole school of seduction. We all know that there are four other schools of thought: NLP, Natural Game, Indirect Game, and Direct Game. So what separates this new school of thought?

1. Asshole Game is based on short "bits" of information. If you are familiar with routines that are used in the other schools of thought, then you know that they can be long and drawn out. Asshole game is based on short "bits" of information. These are styles of routines that are short, quick, easy to remember, and meant to be delivered for maximum effect.

2. Asshole Game uses push/pull as it's main method of creating attraction. What makes an asshole fun is that he never says anything with the intent of actually hurting anyone's feelings (unless, of course, you piss him off). Everything that he says is done in a playful manner.

3. Asshole Game is layered on top of normal conversation and confidence. These "bits" of information are to be randomly placed in normal conversation and are not meant to be relied on to completely carry the interaction. These "bits" of information are meant to ENHANCE interactions, and not be the interactions.

4. Asshole Game is all about FUN. This is why it is best suited for party and nightclub type environments. Women remember the funniest, most creative moments of the night. They don't remember the boring stuff. This is why as an asshole, you are to create as many of these fun and hilarious moments as possible.

Below you will find my personal "bits" or short routines that I have single-handedly went out and created myself. No one else has been able to do this. You are now a part of a new creative style of seduction that no one in the seduction community is out there using.

Here are a few excerpts from the guide:

14. Give Me Some

Description: This can be used at any point in the conversation, and works for a great opener. Again, like number 13, it plays off of wanna be players, and it is absolutely hilarious.

Walk up to, or while talking to a mature girl, look her down, then up, and then ask her when is she going to let you get some of that. If she asks you what. Just look her down, and tell her some of that while briefly staring at her vagina or ass. And remember, the better your body animations, the funnier it'll be.


SLOWLY look her down, then up...

You: "When you gon' lemme get some of that?"

Her: "Some of what!?"

Look her down, stare at her vagina or ass...

You: "Get some of that."

And remember, the better acting job you do, the more hilarious it will be.

Variation: There are no variations on this one.

21. Jump, Mature girl, Jump

Description: This one is absolutely hilarious. This works for raising your value tremendously.

Throughout the entire night, or if a mature girl asks you to do something, make an absurd demand that is absolutely over the top.


Her: "Do you want a drink?"

Right when she's ordering...

You: "And get my friend one too."


Her: "Buy me a drink."

You: "OK, but only if you kiss that guy on the lips." (And pick out a fat or ugly guy).

And when she does it, point and laugh at her, and tell her that you don't believe that she did it.

Variation: Use your imagination. Have fun experimenting with this one.

22. The Dog Whisperer

Description: This plays off of a mature woman's need to know. Even better is that one of her friend's gets to be in on it, making her want to know what you said even more.

Use: Grab one of her friend's tell her that you have a secret, and whisper into her ear and tell her to start laughing at her friend. Then, look at her friend and start laughing yourself. For added effect, play it up by turning your backs to the friend while whispering, turn back and look at the mature girl, and start whispering some more.


You: "I have something to tell you." (to her friend)

Grab her and start whispering...

You: "Alright, look at your friend and start laughing."

And then you turn around and start laughing at the other mature girl.

Use your imagination to play this up in various ways. For example, after you're done whispering, you can point at whatever, look at the mature girl you were whispering to, and say "Do you see it, do you see it!".

29. Mighty Mouse

Description: This shows women that you know how to make fun of yourself. Works best if you are a skinny guy.

Use: Point out a big guy, and say "Wow, that guy is huge!", and then tell the mature girl to check out your muscle. She will laugh at your attempt to look big. If there is no huge guy around, just tell her to check out your muscles while you flex them.


You: "Wow, that guy is huge!"

You: "But check out MY muscles."

And then flex your scrawny arm for her to touch...

You: "Touch it again, touch it again!"

She touches it again...

You: "Yeah, pythons, son, pythons!"

If you are a chubbier guy, substitute your belly for your arm. Have her feel your belly muscles. For added effect, while she feels your belly, say something sexually retarded like "Oh, yeah, right there, don't stop." in a retarded voice.

43. I Will Break You

Description: This is a great way to fuck close a mature girl that you've been bullshitting with all night long and doing the little assholish things and making assholish comments to all night.

While you're with her, tell her that it's a good thing the two of you will never have sex. And when she asks you why, tell her because you'd break her or snap her in two.


You: "It's a good thing you and I are never going to have sex."

Her: "Why!?"

You: "Because I'd snap your skinny ass in two."

Her: "Yeah, right! I'd hurt you, boy! You can't handle me!"

You: "Let's find out right now."

And lead her to your bedroom.

Variation: Use your imagination. It's even better when you act out how she'd be by pretending to walk like a cripple and using a mocking voice that's suppose to be her saying what you're saying, such as "You were right, I should have listened to you.".